Why Hire a Forester?

There are many reasons for owning forest land.  Whether its for recreation, preservation or financial reasons, a Forester can help achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently.

No two forests are the same, and each will have unique benefits and concerns.  Foresters apply their knowledge and experience to identify these characteristics and can assist in making the best possible decisions regarding the management of your property.

Foresters will give you a complete picture of your land.  This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Watershed Characteristics

  • Wildlife Suitability

  • Rare, Threatened, Endangered or Invasive Species

  • Forest Health Concerns

  • Soil Characteristics

They are able to prepare and administer the sale of forest products while maintaining an appropriate balance between profitability and sustainability.  A Forester may also refer to additional resources which would help maximize the success of your objectives.


Finally, a certified Forester must adhere to the guidelines of an accredited Forestry organization, ensuring that the work performed meets all the moral and legal criteria of their Code of Ethics.

Hemlock and Birch is proud to continue the practice of sound and ethical Forestry practices.